We are passionate about making the world a better place, one patient at a time, by promoting comfort and pain relief through our natural products.

Our core team has the ability, passion, and experience to carry our products from design, development, through to the implementation stages where patients can find relief and healing in every state and city.


From Seed to Cream – Cannabis Creams REDEFINED

Our Mission

CannaBizLLC provides health care professionals, vendors, and individuals with effective, superior herbal products that unlock the healing power of the cannabis plant. Our patented process allows us to make formulas with cannabis and other botanicals, where we combine traditional herbal and phytonutrient knowledge with sound clinical experience and scientific research.

Alternate Mission: CannaBizLLC was founded with the purpose of providing individuals with cannabis based topicals depending on one’s individual goals, lifestyle and medical issues. Our approach is to provide the end user with a therapeutically effective amount (dose) of cannabis products to live healthier and happier lives. We are dedicated to partnering with leaders in the cannabis community to spread the knowledge of our patented cannabis process.

There’s currently no regulatory definition, so companies are free to make up their own to suit their needs. This lack of clarity has led to a lexicon of misleading terms and a perplexed public.

As the United States first cannabis process patented company to make topical cannabis, we bring authority and leadership to the subject.


Our Philosophy

The goal of cannabis based topicals is to provide cannabis nutrients for the body that are as close as possible to how they are found in nature. After all, it is in this whole state that herbal nutrition is typically harnessed and presented to the body.

We start with high grade cannabis, then use our patented extraction process, then foods you might find in the grocery store, like ginger, curcumin, and peppers. Then, like any good cook, we prepare these ingredients in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. The resulting whole plant ingredient is then added to a complex formula that may include whole food extracts; concentrates; botanicals; whole food isolates ingredients as required to meet our high formula standards.

Our specialty formulas are made with the highest standards of ingredients to provide safe, effective, and high-quality concentrations. Available through health care professionals and selected companies, our products are thought to work synergistically and support multiple aspects of health.

Our Company concerns cannabis, however we make products along with the science, natural healing, alternative uses of cannabis, and our products help people make responsible choices to recover from illness or injury so they can live a generally healthier life.



Our patented process is an all-natural products method of extraction of cannabis. Though many people immediately think of cannabis and the various currently popular methods of inhaling it or ingesting ‘cannabis edibles’, alternative uses can also include creams, lotions and oils for topical use. This is our unique specialty.

Cannabis is considered an alternative healing medicine that complements conventional medicine by helping medicate your body. Our patented cream is used by health practitioners, along with medicine or as a stand-alone product, to help patient’s recover from injury or sickness faster and maintain overall health.



We are available to patients and stores. We are making pharmaceutical substitutions because we understand the holistic paradigm shift in health care. We are ‘non-addictive’ and easy to use. We are ‘non-invasive’ and environmentally friendly.


Who we are

We at CannaBizLLC are committed to bringing together a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to informing and educating people on topics relating to our patented process using cannabis extracts as a form of alternative healing.

CannaBizLLC is a socially conscious organization that gives a percentage of proceeds to social healing (building communities), healthy lifestyles (exercise and fitness, diet, etc.) and healing through the arts (use of art, poetry and multi-media for healing). We believe that in order to achieve wholeness, we must also take care of the one thing that sustains all life: earth. The CannaBizLLC community promotes purchasing of organic products like food, toys, and clothing to minimize and altogether prevent the damage done to the earth.

CannaBizLLC is committed to ensuring that our supply chain reflects CannaBiz’s values and respect for human rights and the environment. CannaBiz’s relationships with suppliers are based on lawful, efficient and fair practices. We expect our suppliers to obey the laws and regulations, in their jurisdictions, that require them to treat workers fairly, provide a safe and healthy work environment and protect environmental quality.

CannaBizLLC shall work to implement purchasing agreements or purchase order terms and conditions with our direct suppliers requiring them to comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which they are doing business and to certify and verify that they are not engaging in illegal activities. These verifications will be reviewed by trained CannabizLLC personnel, not by a third party.

CannaBizLLC periodically audits its suppliers. Typically these on-site audits are announced and conducted by CannaBizLLC personnel trained in auditing techniques to recognize and report non-compliance with our expectations. Occasionally, a third-party may be used. Noted deficiencies are addressed with the supplier, with CannaBizLLC reserving the right to alter or terminate the business relationship.

CannaBiz.LLC will train applicable employees and management to be aware of and adhere to CannaBizLLC’s commitment to maintain an ethical supply chain particularly with respect to mitigating risks regarding human trafficking and slavery within the supply chain of products. Violations of such are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


We have brought together a team of highly-skilled and dedicated people to help you improve your overall wellness and outlook through a patented process for the extraction of cannabis.

Currently, we have 3 full time in-house employees and we use outside chemists, growers, container manufacturers, and vendors as independent contractors. The basic manufacturing process of our creams involves cannabis extraction, physical elimination of impurities and clarification of the cannabis oils, evaporation of the water content, and eventually drying and packaging.

How can I get in touch with you?
Customers, health care professionals, interested licensees are welcome to call us. Please call 310-444-9393 for more information.

You want to license the patent?
Partner with CannaBizLLC to help your business, patients, and clients have access to use a patented process. CannaBizLLC works with you to reach your goals by providing product training, guidance, and complimentary educational programs to expand your knowledge of cannabis. Simply call us to register for an account to get started.

Conditions we treat?
Medical doctors, acupuncturists and chiropractors use various methods along with CannaBizLLC products to relieve symptoms of the skin, musculoskeletal pain, increase blood flow, break-up scar tissue, decrease lactic acid build up, increase lymphatic flow, and decrease muscle soreness and spasm. CannaBizLLC products, however, are not only for people recovering from injury or sickness. We put a strong emphasis on preventing sickness, and disease.

Additional Information
The information on our Cannabis Times Magazine website is also a resource for health information. Here we help you talk about health prevention, exercise, innovation, cannabis related tools, technology, techniques, ergonomics, eating and all ways to stay in front of new cannabis products, and we recommend products and methods, and alternative healing medicine that is perfect for you.

Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

CEO, CannaBiz LLC.

Dr. Tucker is licensed as a Chiropractor and Diplomat in the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board in California. He graduated From Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Tucker is a world-renowned speaker and author on the subject of sports medicine, functional movement assessments, Chiropractic care, exercise as medicine therapy and alternative medicine.