The current market for cannabis and cannabis-based products is estimated to be $6.7 billion and this amount is growing rapidly.

This “new frontier” in the medical market place is a fertile area for exploration. Our patented process allows us unique access to manufacture and distribute an entirely new class of therapeutic approaches to chronic problems.

Safe and effective

Ongoing studies and research continue to prove cannabinoid extract treatments to be safe and effective when used to care for many acute and/or chronic health conditions that have few other safe and effective methods of treatment.

Water-based extraction

The water-based extraction can be especially used in oral and spray applications because of its increased safety.

Future Applications

As our patent is extended to include other fluid-extraction methods we will be able to move into further applications.

In a cursory view of the rapidly expanding marketplace in this field it appears that there are a number of companies who have developed or are in the process of developing similar products.

These similar products could be seen as potential licensees of our securely held patent. Part of our company’s business model will be to locate specific companies that may be utilizing aspects of our patent and negotiate a working agreement with them. This may be in the form of a licensing agreement or a joint venture program. Our business plan involves taking an active role in utilizing our patented technology to form partnerships in this field.


Interested in becoming a licensee?

CannaBiz LLC is a company committed to the development, manufacture, and distribution of cannabis extracts. We own one of the first US patents for the process of making cannabis extract products.

The initial patent granted: Methods and Compositions of Cannabis Extracts (Publication No.: US-2011-0256245-A1–Publication Date: 10/20/2011) is for water-based cannabis extraction.

Since that time we have applied for patent extensions which will cover all fluid-based extraction methods.  Our unique focus is the creation of cannabis extract products that can be used to affect a number of health conditions.

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